It would be a generalisation to group Alister Turrill with other young roots players. His playing style blends a true form of blues with complex song writing seldom seen.

Honest, Flawed, Gravel-Throated, Folk Music awaits. He’s shared the stage with Jeff Lang, Geoff Achison and Lloyd Spiegel. On several occasions & has supported the likes of Charlie Parr (US), Tim Rogers, Ash Grunwald, Kim Churchill, Steve Smyth.

Following his award winning 2013 debut album 'Reverence & Resonance, 2015 single release 'Road To The Grave' & EP,'A Toast To Better Times There’s lots more istore for what Beat Magazine boldy declared ‘Complete truth:

Alister Turrill is the future of Australian Blues’  Witness for yourself at Flynn’s Winery while enjoying  a spot of Afternoon Tea.












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