Joshua Seymour is a troubadour, an interpreter and a storyteller. Born by a river in northern New South Wales and raised in rural Victoria, Joshua grew up in a working-class family.

At the age of 13 he bought a guitar for $35 at a junk shop and started writing songs. His early influences were deep and eclectic. Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, Leadbelly and Radiohead. An obvious foundation for Joshua's distinctive vocal style and unique take on finger picking.

After a move to the big city, Joshua made a name for himself in and around Melbourne as the mandolin player for the coutry-punk-bluegrass band Cherrywood. His song "Pentridge" gained him the attention of Lucky Buck Records, an independent US label based in Washington, DC. Seymour was quickly signed, and in May of 2014 he flew to Texas and spent three weeks in the studio recording his debut solo release, Rope Tied Hope.

Seymour is a traditionalist who has immersed himself in the old-timey standards of dust-bowl era American folk and blues recordings. His music has a compellingly plaintive quality that harks back to a bygone era of a classic older rural performer. Lucky Buck Records brought in Grammy award-winning engineer David Willingham and producer Robert Jason Vandygriff to embrace Seymour's traditionalist style as well as see the songs to their full potential.

Rope Tied Hope shows Seymour's ability to explore his songs without losing his honesty and frankness. His songwriting is that of well-traveled experience. The story in his lyrics find themselves delivered beautifully by his weathered voice. Rope Tied Hope shows that Joshua Seymour is a songwriter that is truly of the earth. One that is of the Australian dirt and is uniquely his own.












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