Luke Sinclair Stars & Bars Festival Heathcote 

Luke Sinclair

Luke Sinclair is an artist of integrity and a generosity of spirit. Through his recent work fronting multi award-winning Americana outfit, Raised by Eagles he continues to forge a well-respected and lasting name for himself across Australia’s musical landscape.

Sinclair’s debut solo album, HEAVY DREAMS released in Feb 2021 once again captured the attention of Australia’s ever-burgeoning Alt Country/Americana scene, receiving a nomination that year for Best Country Act at the Music Victoria Awards.

The first two singles, Boots to the Graveand Running on the Wheel,received rave reviews and signified Sinclair’s arrival in his own right, at the top tier of his genre.

“Ablaze with his trademark country-soul and balladry, Heavy Dreams is proof positive of Sinclair’s immense musical vision and artistry"-Rob Dickens,

Listening Through the Lens.The album goes on to reveal a series of skilfully rendered backdrops, rising up from Sinclair’s always-evocative lyrics –picking apart the human condition in a tightly bound collection of songs that rock and sway cathartically through landscapes of loss, hope, realisation and release.

Sinclair is currently back in the studio recording tracks for a new album, with the first single Things Back Home a beautifully arranged shot of nostaligic “yacht-country rock dropping in late 2022. With follow up single Gravity released in February 2023.

“Let’s hope Sinclair finds his place in the sun soon because he has undoubtedly given us one of the albums of the year” –Brian Wise,Rhythms Magazine.

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