Kicking off proceedings for Stars  & Bars Heathcote is Pete Daly, Forging a following in Melbourne live scene in the late 90’s with his band Blueriver, Pete reached a fork in the road at age 21 as music took a back seat to building a  furniture business & starting a family.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder & 15 years away from his craft  the singer songwriter’s hunger - the innate intuition for story & melody — returned like an old friend stepping back into life on the road with Melbourne artists Jasper Shelton Hollis, Rick Hart & Gretta Ziller’s bands as a touring guitarist.

Pete also returned to stage as solo performer having intricately crafted a back catalogue of songs. Daly's new music demonstrating his natural, kinetic feel for the acoustic guitar & gentle, earthy vocals.

There's a sense of insular reflection,  sparse instrumentation gives his recordings an isolated quality: a man alone with his thoughts. A restless soul, someone examining & ruminating on the nuances of his life.












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