The Seven Ups

Back Once Again! Stars & Bars Festival Heathcote Headliners The Seven Ups are the original 7 piece Lo-Fi Heavy Groove party band out of the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Blending influences from 1970s underground Funk with Jazz, Psych and Fuzz Rock.
Expect blistering solos by unkempt horns over an unpretentious rhythm section that's “as tight as they need to be,and as loose as you want them to be.
Concocting an inimitable blend of influences from 1970s Nigerian Afrobeat to the deepest of street funk, The band’s energetic stage performances have been them opening for the likes of Charles Bradley, The Budos Band, Babylon Circus, and The Bamboos, as well as embarking on a series of much talked-about residencies at numerous Melbourne venues.
In 2021 after many lockdown delays, they launched their 4th Album titled 'The Old World' to immediate critical acclaim from fans & industry aficionados alike.
The latest offering from the band is an abstruse journey into the darker fringes of instrumental music, drifting from funk to spiritual jazz to psychedelic fuzz rock. 
2023 saw the band release the masterful album "A Free Blowing Wind" with a brand of cinematic soul that is bound to sweep you off your feet and propel you up into the stratosphere. Equal parts a hurricane as it is a soft through-breeze between two open windows on a hot summer's day.

Mixing both the ambience of "The Old World", and the funk-groove of "Commandments" before it, A Free Blowing Wind sees both styles converge and play off eachother very well. Tracks 'A Cosmic Scale' is as grand and epic as its name implies, whereas 'Dimmed Lights' provides the serenity required after such a spacey trip. 
Make sure you pack your dancing shoes.









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